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– Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.


La Llovizna” (The Mist) National Park is formed by a portion of the islands and jumps lower Caroni, part of the park contains a grid of 30 islands connected by stone walkways and numerous nature trails heavily wooded, and the sixty-foot waterfall “La Llovizna” as the highlight of the park.


The Loefling Zoo (also simply written Park Loefling or Zoo Loefling) is a zoological garden publicly owned located southwest of Cachamay Park, in Ciudad Guayana , part of Bolívar State in the region Guayana Venezuela . It was named in honor of the Swedish botanist Pehr Löfling one of the first to show interest in the fauna and flora of this region.