-Guayana City-

Catedral de Ciudad Guayana

The Cathedral of St. John Paul II or simply Cathedral of Ciudad Guayana, is the name given to a project on construction of a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church and is located in the UD-251 area of Puerto Ordaz in the town of Ciudad Guayana , the largest population of Bolivar State , in the Guayana region in the southern part of the South American country of Venezuela .


Called St. John Paul II because in the land where the cathedral is built one mass with the presence of that pontiff it was held in 1985 . Since then the place was known as the “Cross of the Pope”. In 1986, the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana 2 custom design architects of the cathedral, and in 1997 was established as a Foundation. The state government collaborated with the construction from 2001 to 2005. The economic problems delayed its opening.

Since 2012 the foundation seeks funding for completion in 2015 the work of its first stage was completed in June resumed. However there are still three more stages for its inauguration. Only 45{8a923d0667f124c179e118ee12a68970caf1c7b5886265f7a6c556f17d2c7a1a} of the project has been built.